Monday, June 29, 2009

Michael Jackson Autopsy Report Shows Shocking Results

Michael Jackson Autopsy Leaked
The leaked results of Michael Jackson's autopsy are truly shocking. Jackson was emaciated, bald, covered in scars and dotted with needle tracks.

As The Sun reports from London on the results of Michael Jackson's autopsy:

"THE horrifying state of pop superstar Michael Jackson in his final days can be revealed by The Sun today. Harrowing leaked autopsy details show the singer was a virtual skeleton — barely eating and with only pills in his stomach at the time he died. His hips, thighs and shoulders were riddled with needle wounds — believed to be the result of injections of narcotic painkillers, given three times a day for years. And a mass of surgery scars were thought to be the legacy of at least 13 cosmetic operations.

More than just this, the autopsy report that has been leaked showed that the bridge to his nose had vanished and the right side of it collapsed. What is truly odd though is that despite being in this state Jackson had been recovering well from skin cancer, the operation to deal with that seems to have worked.

Other British newspapers have carried more of the story about the results of the autopsy on Jackson:

"Michael Jackson was emaciated, virtually bald, covered in needle scars and had only pills in his stomach when he died, according to an autopsy report.

There has to be thought that some of those around him, some of his entourage, were if not encouraging him in this behavior, at least enabling him. Michael Jackson was 5 foot 10 inches tall but at the time of his death weighed only 112 pounds: that just isn't healthy at all. The only things in his stomach were partially dissolved plls and he had lost nearly all his hair, having nothing but a "peach fuzz" left. What we saw in public was a wig.

And as that autposy report shows, Michael Jackson had been receiving pain killing injections for some time:

"His hips, thighs and shoulders were pock-marked with needle wounds, believed to be the legacy of narcotic painkillers being injected three times a day.

If these injections were indeed Demerol then this bolsters the possibility that he died of an overdose: for those who have built up tolerance to the drug the gap between a pain relieving dose and a fatal dose is very small. And if that is true then the possibility that Michael Jackson could have been saved rises once again.

The conclusion of these leaks from Jackson's autopsy seems to be that:

"Sources close to the Jackson camp said fans would be shocked by the autopsy findings. 'He was skin and bone, his hair had fallen out and had been eating nothing but pills when he died,' one source told the newspaper. 'Injection marks all over his body and the disfigurement caused by years of plastic surgery show he’d been in terminal decline for years.' 'His doctors and the hangers-on stood by as he self-destructed. Somebody is going to have to pay.'

Sadly this seems unlikely. Jackson's records are heading to the top of the charts again all over the world. The entourage will be able to absorb the cash inflow from that but without Michael Jackson to spend the money faster than it comes in. Far from their paying, it looks like they'll profit.


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