Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kim Kardashian Is Spokeswoman For Pepsi Max

hot Kim Kardashian in  Pepsi Max ad
Kim Kardashian - she of the affluent family, large butt and questionable sex tape - looks now to be the spokeswoman for Pepsi’s new Pepsi Max. Which looks to be marketed as the new diet soda “for men”. Although, doesn’t it seem ironic that for a diet soda they use the spokeswoman famous for having a huge butt?Regardless, given this picture (thanks,!) and the hubbub of internet chatter surrounding it, it looks actually like a good deal for both Pepsi and Kim. For once, Kim will have an endorsement that is unrelated to spandex, and for once, Pepsi will have a caricature of a hot woman selling their product! Totally different than that The Spice Girls ad.


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