Thursday, July 16, 2009

Anna Kournikova -- World's Hottest Retiree!!

Anna Kournikova Hot K-Swiss photos
Anna Kournikova Hot K-Swiss photos
We always knew that Anna Kournikova's status in tennis had very little to do with her sports abilities, so it's no surprise that's she's still popping up on adverts and at celeb parties fully six years since leaving the game.

What is surprising though, is that Kournikova is just as sexy now -- perhaps even sexier -- than she ever was when she was playing.In fact she's in such good form in these new ad shots for K-Swiss that she makes Maria Sharapova look like Steve Rusedski.While Anna gets attention by practically not playing any professional sport, here are a few of our favorite sports stars with a reputation to match their good looks!


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